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EYRETIRION Taskbar's toolbars for Windows 7, 8+,10 by ZEUSosX EYRETIRION Taskbar's toolbars for Windows 7, 8+,10 by ZEUSosX

EYRETIRION Taskbar's toolbars FINDER INDEX for Windows 7, 8+ , 10

I have made simple customizable menus that pin it to taskbar and can shutdown the pc from there with just 2 clicks, one for opening the menu and the second to select the shutdown. This is very useful for windows 8.1 system, but can used to 7 and 10 as it is faster process than the windows 7 and windows 10 . Ok there some 3rd party applications which also do this, mine is just a simplier option.

If you want you can just pin the shutdown shortcut to taskbar so to terminate the system directly (1 clik).  I have made it so to shut down to some seconds not direct.
Why ? Because i have also made another shotcut which stops the shutdown, so if we have change our mind to stop the shutdown in the meanwhile, we use the cancel shutdown shortcut> ofcourse you can also pin that to the taskbar.

Personally i use those shortcuts from the menu as see in screen shot.
It is full customizable anything, you can add or delete anything you like, it is just shortcuts and folders, so it does not need any program, it works direct to your system, and you have direct access and you can add anything. These are toolbars you add to taskbar, when you go to > right clik to taskbar and then select New toolbar.

Due to Deviant ART's policy concerning executable files> like the shutdown.exe, so I've had to upload it out of Deviant Art.

So that's the reason that I will upload some time later.

farout49 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool :D
ZEUSosX Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016
thank you.
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